The Kimmapii School of Shamanism Presents:
It Depends On WHo's Looking


Our Vision

To develop a team of independent practitioners who are inspired 

 to help others transform their lives by working with The Archetypes


Practitioner Training Sessions 

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The Membership Program

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Kathryn & Allen Kessler of PachaMama (Misty Ridge Retreat)

are proud to coordinate

The Practitioner Membership Program on behalf of Kimmapii



This is not your everyday training.  

Here is the opportunity to start your own business!

In these upclose and personal training sessions, 

you will meet and work, in-depth, with all 22 Archetypes. 

For a general overview of the training that you will be working with, 

peruse the three programs being offered to clients on this website.


Earn a $300 referral fee for any new attendee you have recommended  

for future Practitioner Training Sessions that are scheduled.

(provided they complete the series)

Enjoy a 100% online business from the comfort of your own home. 

No overhead expenses, commuting costs or office expenditures to pay for.

All you need is a computer with a good internet connection.  

This training is being offered in a compacted time-frame to ensure

the knowledge is retained from one training session to the next.

Access to all programs, databases, multi-media material and a fully developed, customizable website for your exclusive use, are included as part of this Practitioner Training.

The result:  You will walk away with three ready-made programs 

and the 'know-how' to use them effectively with clients.



Practitioner Agrees To:

Become an independent contractor

Maintain complete and accurate files on each client

Ensure every client completes and signs a release form

Sign a liability release form for Kimmapii and Pachamama

Accept sole responsibility for self-marketing

Accept sole responsibility for insurance (at your own discretion)

Comply with all program procedures and practices, including pricing and timing

Use all materials as prescribed and showcase all logos and copyrights

Not to distribute copyrighted material beyond program parameters

Work with clients on a one-on-one basis only

Pass the annual program exam


Contact Us

To register or for more information email us directly at: 

It Depends On Who's Looking


Our Mission

By working with The Archetypes, we provide universal help

to all who seek to transform their lives