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The Archetypes

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With the mention of Archetypes, most people think - Dr. Carl Jung.  


Dr. Jung’s work with The Archetypes is brilliant and it has had a profound effect on this work.


The Archetypes you will be working with here are not the same one’s first identified by Dr. Jung - The Hero, The Sage, etc.


No. These Archetypes are closer to you —

much, much closer and much more personal.


The Archetypes and You

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But let's begin with a word from the master, himself... 

They can seize us, and they do - these powerful energies we call The Archetypes.   


The Archetypes are primordial energies that possess every emotion, impulse and desire that we encounter. They offer up every element of the human experience. They are autonomous forces with which we engage to fulfill our life plan.  They set up the opportunities we need to encounter what we came here to experience.  

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So what  exactly is an Archetype?

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“We all have a future, but only a few of us have a destiny, 

because destiny is something we must be available for.”

~ Dr. Alberto Villoldo

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Working with The Archetypes makes you available for your destiny.

This is where it gets interesting!


Going back to our example with Isis and creativity from the conversation in, “Did you know you were in a relationship?”  Chances are, without awareness, you will be acting and reacting exactly as you originally set things up for yourself. 


If you had asked Isis to hold out a moderate portion of creativity, that’s the amount you will put on your plate.  


But then along comes an unexpected moment – a moment of awareness – and that changes everything. 


The moment of awareness is when you become conscious of The Archetypes and their offerings.  In that same moment you will become aware that The Archetypes are only doing what you asked them to do. 


Moreover, they’re more than willing to re-negotiate the terms of your contract because you wrote it with them in the first place.

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In order to renegotiate this contract, all you need to do is change your relationship with them. 

Does this sound like a tall order?  It’s not.  

That moment of awareness is waiting for you and changing your relationship with an Archetype is not only doable, it’s exciting and rewarding.  Let us show you how.



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Once we become “aware”, we can no longer hide in the safety of, “I had no choice!”


Awareness opens the door to choice.


The first choice we have to make after awareness dawns 

is the choice of whether to take action or not. 


Do we stay mired down — or do we choose to act — to initiate change? 


No longer can we claim,  “I had no choice.”  

We may not always like the options we  perceive are available to us, 

or we may be unwilling to put in the effort necessary to effect the change we want.

But, each of these are choices.

Even deciding not to choose is a choice. 


Choice is the door that sets us free,  

but we must choose to open that door! 




So, what’s not working in your life?   

Where are you stuck?  What are you willing to do right now to change it? 

Does you life reflect the revolving door of your “story”?  


These programs are proven methods to help you resolve “what’s not working” and to set you free from being stuck.  


By inviting you to choose one of our three transformative programs shown below 

where we teach you how to renegotiate your relationship with an Archetype to effect the change you are seeking.

Step onto your path of personal transformation and healing today.


The Programs offered in ‘It Depends on Who’s Looking 

are not just tools for self-discovery – 

nor are they just portals to open doors of possibilities.


These programs are mechanisms for change!


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One - on - One

A full hour investigating your relationship with an archetype.

10 Day Bootcamp

10 days of one-on-one work to put your feet to the fire!

Life Path Intensive

The in-depth look at everything you set up, and WHY